So, lessons learned from this weekend: Cons, even small ones, are very tiring.

That’s… That’s pretty much it. Yeah, that was tiring. Between prep and and exhaustion, there was not a ton of time left in the week. Danielle still has a regular full time job, and I, well, still have a 5 year old to raise, mold into a decent person, and to keep from biting people. Faithful readers, please forgive us. We will be more prepared next time, we promise! Also, if anyone happens to be an artist yourself, we welcome some fan/guest art of Kenzie & Crew to be used as emergency filler.

But fear not, we would never dare post nothing, so have some tired Kenzie. If you are unfamiliar with the act, when children get too tired, they will often lay wherever it was they were just playing, and nap. Strangeness of locale be damned. They don’t care.


See you Thursday with more Kenzie art!