Hey there everyone! In case you aren’t keeping up with us on the facebooks, Danielle is simultaneously starting a new job and hunting for a new apartment before she ends up homeless (and by homeless, I mean, on my couch).

Her new job will have her working with art (yay!), but also an additional 10-20 hours a week, so as much as it saddens us, we will be only updating every other week for the foreseeable future, and colored pages will be saved for special occasions and when Danielle finds herself with actual time to spare with her very busy new job. Don’t worry too much, even Danielle’s pencil doodles are very, very, good.

We know this is a bummer for you all, and we deeply regret the necessity of it, but unfortunately bills need to get paid. Lame, I know. We hope desperately that you will forgive us and stick around. We will brainstorm some ideas and see what we can think of for quality content (always related to life with Kenzie, of course!) that you might enjoy. For now, have a large yellow-clothed person with a green… spiky ball… thing.