Wow, Conventioning is exhausting! It’s also a lot of fun. Except those damn cheap chairs you get to sit in. But oh, the people we saw! We found Carmen Sandiego. I’ve been looking for her since I was 11 years old. We also learned that 13 hours of Con+Transit is far too much for poor Kenzie, who is very much not accustomed to me being away from her for that long. All day today she’s clung to me for dear life.

I’ve also managed to mostly shake off the cold that Kenzie and her mother graciously shared with me a few days ago. You can blame that and the industrial-strength cold meds for the lack of art on Thursday. Google Calendar now has reminders for Danielle and I both, so hopefully that will sort out the issue with our forgetfulness which I know is a total drag. Thank you kindly for not hurling any blunt heavy objects at us in frustration.

Lastly, if anyone is interested, we can work out a way to sell these neato comic books we had printed, as well as some rockin’ stickers, here on the site (or maybe to save time we’ll hijack Danielle’s Etsy page!).