The daughter of the wolf, Kenzie is a perfectly not-ordinary 5 year old with far more energy, intelligence, and mature vocabulary than she ought to have. Possesses an imagination that would give Calvin and his tiger a run for their money. She does not yet have a tiger. Will rarely cuss like a drunk, angry sailor, but sometimes bites.

Comics: 65
Recent Appearance: Moving Day!
First Appearance: The beginning...


A 30-something man of much facial hair and imagination and even more patience. Leads a life filled with wife & child and occasional imaginary monster attacks. Once told his daughter he was born a wolf pup as a joke, and she hasn't let it go since. The old wolf rarely bites, but has been known to cuss like a drunk, angry sailor

Comics: 38
Recent Appearance: Say What?
First Appearance: The beginning...


A beautiful and wonderful mother, she is often working (sad face...) very hard to support herself, wolf, and pup. Will make occasional appearances, but the void she leaves while at work is filled with boredom, and that's what makes most of the madness occur. Will nearly never cuss like a drunk angry sailor, but will often bite.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Say What?
First Appearance: Frickin' lasers!


Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: The Two Musketeers
First Appearance: "...What's his name again?"

Aunt Gwen

Aunt Gwen often needs a break from her arts and will wander over to visit. She will almost never cuss like a drunk, angry sailor nor will she bite hardly anyone at all, which makes her sometimes the most boring character.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Happy New Year!
First Appearance: "...What's his name again?"

Legion of Merida

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Naked...
First Appearance: Clone Wars

Raptor Jerk

This raptor, seriously, is a jerk. He picks fights with kids, says rude words to puppies, talks in the theatre, double parks, never uses his turn signals, steals change from the homeless, and back in the day, not once did he rewind his VHS rental tapes. Raptor Jerk is incapable of cussing like a drunk angry sailor, but will always bite. Sometimes twice. That jerk.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Clone Wars
First Appearance: Damned raptors.

Duran Duran

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Hungry like the Kenzie


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Kenzie meets a silly old bear...

Russian Hackers

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Beards