Salem: Salem is a stay-at-home father doing his very best to raise a willful, very intelligent, and very imaginative daughter. His meager free time is divided between shouting at people on the internet who disagree with his opinions about Doctor Who episodes, his loving and beautiful wife, and now, writing a webcomic. He is the basis for Kenzie’s father, if that wasn’t obvious by this point.

Danielle: Danielle is a fancy-shmancy artist who has taken a partial break from doodling disturbingly realistic pictures of dragons and video game characters to try and visualize the madness that is in her brother and his daughter’s heads. She is also the basis for Aunt Gwen.

Tabitha: Tabitha is Salem’s loving wife and mother to our titular character. Sadly, she has to work frequently, and misses many of the shenanigans that occur. She is the basis for Momma.

Josh: Josh built and maintains the website. He does many things that no one else understands. When things go wrong, Salem shouts at him until it works again.